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Sports Nutrition


Nutritional Needs of Young Athletes. Vitamins and minerals: Kids need a variety of vitamins and minerals. Calcium and iron are two important minerals for athletes

Young Athlete

If you’re a parent of a young athlete, I know you’ve been bombarded by the sports nutrition industry, and all their magical performance-enhancing, high protein, fast carb snacks.

Sports Nutrition

This week we are talking about sports nutrition, and keeping kids fit! Follow our conversation in social media at #fitkidsfood. Today, I have the perfect energy bar for kids involved with competitive sports.

The Child Athlete

Energy for muscle activity comes from both glucose and fat. We are constantly using our fat stores for energy at rest. However, glucose is the main source of energy for high intense activities.

Soccer Treats

So what are the alternatives? What can you bring when it’s your turn that won’t rot the teeth, yet the kids are excited to get? I don’t want to be the mom who brings a bag of carrots.