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Real Fruit Slushies

Keep your kids happy and hydrated this summer with simple real fruit slushies! These frosty treats are 100% free from artificial flavors and dyes,

Recipes for Kids

Tofu is super healthy for kids! But you might be stumped on how to prepare it so your kids will really love it. Here are three tofu recipes for kids

Great Green Smoothie

Green smoothies, like our Basic Green Smoothie and Cherry Pineapple Smoothie, can completely transform how we get fresh fruits and veggies into our kids’

Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Salad

Add a pop of color to your table with healthy, strawberry kiwi salad, lightly dressed with a sweet-tart honey-lime dressing.

Healthy Birthday Party

Last night, Erica had a birthday party. She’s almost 11. We had my neighbor do ‘glitter toes’, a sweet teenage girl down the street curled hair,

Exercise Fun for Kids

Parents face increasing challenges on their quest to get children to live healthy, active lifestyle through exercise. The ubiquity of televisions,